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On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about BILSTEIN OE replacement products.

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about BILSTEIN OE replacement products.

Basic information on installing BILSTEIN products
  • Before installation, we always recommend reading the installation instructions.
  • Installation may only be carried out by qualified personnel.
  • The material must be checked for completeness.
  • Never use an impact wrench to tighten suspension components, as this will result in excessive torque and damage to the suspension cannot be ruled out.
  • Never make changes outside the tested area.
  • Avoid impermissible combinations (shock absorber, spring and other suspension components).
  • Wheel alignment and axle setting must always be taken from the vehicle manufacturer.
FAQ for workshop employees
What must be observed with the BILSTEIN B2?

Older vehicles in particular often have oil shock absorbers in use. To improve driving safety and handling when conversion to gas pressure shock absorbers is not an option, we offer the standard replacement solution. This is a hydraulic shock absorber. After prolonged driving cavitation occurs (foaming of oil) and thus the damping performance can be reduced by up to 35%.

Do you have suitable bump stops for the BILSTEIN B6-B16 high-performance shock absorbers?

You do not need a bump stop because the damper has a bump stop internally.

What can be adjusted at the bottom of the strut on the nut?

Please do not make any changes to the fixing nut, the piston rod is fixed with the nut.

What is the difference between B6 and the B8?

The difference between the B6 and B8 is that the piston rod is shortened by approx. 20 mm. This has the advantage that the preload of the spring is guaranteed.

Can I receive an expert opinion on my shock absorbers by e-mail?

According to §19.3 StVZO, shock absorbers are not subject to registration if the shock absorber does not fall below the functional dimensions.

Can I get my shocks shortened by you?

Yes, it is possible to have our yellow sport dampers modified in length and characteristic curve. Please contact our customer special request on this subject.

My vehicle came up higher after shock replacement.

The new monotube gas pressure shock absorbers have a gas pressure of 25-35 bar, which eliminates cavitation. The shock absorbers will settle somewhat over time.

How can I tighten the BILSTEIN cartridge inserts?

We offer special keys with the following part number:

  • 30s = 14-244131 (E-MS 08/7)
  • 36s = 14-244148 (E-MS 08/6)

How much ml of oil must be added to the shock absorber for cartridge inserts?

Please remove the used oil and impurities from the strut and install the cartridge insert without additional fluid. Our BILSTEIN B6 and B8 cartridge inserts are offered with upside-down technology. There is a risk that the cartridge insert would otherwise fill up with the fluid and the damping function would no longer be given, as the shock absorber would hit a column of fluid.

The diameter of the cartridge is smaller than that of the standard cartridge insert. Is this a problem?

You can install our cartridge inserts without hesitation, since the shock absorber is fixed via the cone at the bottom and tightened with the union nut (130Nm).

Would you please share axis setting data with us?

Toe and camber are adjusted according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. A change can have a negative effect on the functioning of the shock absorbers as well as the driving behavior, so that, among other things, the warranty is also affected.

What has to be considered when installing B3 and Airmatic?

Please note that the assembly is carried out only by trained personnel with the intended special tools, since in case of deviating procedure the longevity and function is not guaranteed.

Is it allowed to install the B3 & B4 Airmatic air suspension system after the expiration date?

We ask you to claim the product via your dealer and to use a product with a sufficient shelf life. The BBD is relevant until the first operation because the air spring is pre-filled with a nitrogen filling and the air spring bellows should be protected from wrinkles during storage.

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