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September 24, 2019 2 min read

BILSTEIN B6 gas shock absorbers offer optimal performance for OE replacement

OE quality is usually considered the pinnacle of excellence on the aftermarket. If you want better performance on the road, your best bet is the tuning sector. The equally comfortable and dynamic alternative, which does not require suspension lowering, is the BILSTEIN B6. This gas pressure shock absorber in standard length offers a decisive advantage in damping force, which makes itself felt not just in extreme situations. Garages can thus offer their customers an extremely interesting product that makes no compromise between performance and comfort, even under increased load.

The improved tracking stability and optimum handling provided by the BILSTEIN B6 pay off in poor road conditions and winding roads, as well as for heavily laden vehicles or those pulling a trailer. Moreover, the precise handling of the gas pressure shock absorber not only provides safety, but also improves driving experience. Benefits for the customer: Thanks to the same functional dimensions as the series damper, replacement of the springs is not necessary. The conversion is therefore cheaper than a complete suspension kit, which is a great for price-conscious customers. In addition, motorists need not worry about a loss in driving comfort and safety compared to the standard shock absorber, or about the loss of valuable features: Thanks to special versions with DampTronic®, even the functions of a standard active suspension with electronic control are fully retained. This is where the original equipment expertise of BILSTEIN really pays off.

For the broadest range of potential vehicle applications, the BILSTEIN B6 is available in twin- and monotube versions. The latter version is also available in an inverted configuration as an alternative to the classic installation position. And if you want something a bit more sporty and lower, we recommend the shorter BILSTEIN B8 with the same technology and damping power, specially designed for combination with suspension lowering springs.

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