A VW T6 with added attitude

Performance et tuning
janvier 2, 2018 2 lire min

ABP air suspension for T6 models uses BILSTEIN hardware

We may make air suspension systems for the world’s biggest car manufacturers, but it’s not something we offer for the aftermarket. We’re a company that has its roots firmly planted in motorsport but it’s hard to ignore the popularity of the show and shine scene. You may be thinking ‘what does BILSTEIN have to do with a slammed T6 van on air suspension’ but allow us to explain…

Excellence in any form of motorsport requires ingenuity, application of experience, technological know-how and of course the ability to produce solutions that provide optimum performance and robust reliability. We have proven an ability to deliver all this in both OE manufacturer suspension systems and niche applications for racing. That’s why Plush Automotive turned to the UK BILSTEIN Technical Centre to source the perfect shock absorbers to pair to their latest air ride kit for the VW T6 van.

It’s a very unique challenge; Plush required a wide range of operating heights for the damper so a unique solution had to be devised. It’s a package that works very well and belies the unconventional springs, it’s able to deliver great driving dynamics and ride comfort with ease. We can optimize shock absorbers for just about any application, military, luxury, motorsport or even show and shine!

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